Austin TX – Moving Tips On How to Box Up Your House

The process of boxing up your home when preparing to move can be an overwhelming task, especially if you have a lot of items. This is because boxing is not just about throwing all your items into boxes. You have to be organized if you want to ensure that all your valuables reach their destination safely (Huge shout out to these Movers in Austin TX that definitely helped us with the Texas portion of the move). You will also be able to save time and energy when unpacking boxes that are well organized. You should start packing early enough to prevent last minute rush. Here is what you should do when you want to box up your home the right way;

Get the right boxes

The first thing that you have to do when you want to box up your home is find the right boxes. Not all boxes are suitable for moving. You should ensure that you are dealing with boxes that are designated for moving. All your boxes should be of the same size. They should not be too small or too large. This is because small boxes will not hold a lot of items. Large boxes on the other hand will be too difficult to carry. One person should be able to carry a box easily.

Box up one room at a time

You will be more organized when you pack your items into boxes systematically. You should start with the least used items. Move to another room only when you are sure that you have packed everything in a given room. Do not put items from different rooms in the same box. You can leave out the items that you still need to use but make plans on how you are going to pack them. While in each room, focus on one part of the room at a time.

Do not over-pack

Do not put too much items in one box. Get enough boxes so that you don’t over-pack. Heavy boxes will not only be too difficult to carry, items might also spill out when the boxes are being carried. In every box, put the lighter items on top of the heavier items.

Label your boxes

All your boxes should have a label. This will help everyone who is going to be involved including the moving company by letting them know exactly what is in a box they want carry. Boxes that carry fragile items should be labeled as Fragile. You should also label the tops side of your boxes to ensure that they are carried the right way. Write general information about the item present in each of your boxes at the top. Labeling all your boxes will also help you to save time when unpacking. You will not have to search through all your boxes to just to find one essential item.

Do not box up everything

You should not focus on boxing everything in your home. You should personally transport documents and other things that you consider to be extremely valuable. Before you start boxing up your home in preparation for moving, you should decide which items need to put in boxes and which items will not be put in boxes.